Sun Outdoor

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Sun Outdoor – a Tasteful Outdoor Wall Lamp

Illuminate your facade and create an inviting atmosphere with Sun Outdoor. An elegant round outdoor wall lamp characterized by its timeless appearance and curved shape. Sun Outdoor complements any facade and is easy to integrate into all outdoor spaces.

The wall lamp is ideal for facade lighting but also works well on the wall by the terrace or as perimeter lighting around the house. Regardless of where you choose to place Sun Outdoor, it will contribute to beautiful and cozy lighting.


Design and Functionality

Sun Outdoor is designed to distribute light beautifully both upward and downward on the wall. This creates a dynamic lighting experience that also highlights the architecture of the house. The design ensures that the lamp does not cause glare and does not disrupt the eye.

With its characteristic round shape, it not only creates a pleasant atmosphere but also serves as a decorative element on the wall. The lamp is built to withstand wind and weather, illuminating your home for many years to come.


Technical Specifications

Sun Outdoor measures: H: 7 cm. W: 13 cm. D: 15 cm.

Find all technical specifications in the datasheet above.


Sun Outdoor Up/Down LED – Black