Designline Connector

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Customized Lighting Environment with the Designline Series

Designline is our popular track system, highly flexible and adaptable in numerous ways. The series includes a wide selection of tracks, spotlights, and accessories, providing you with the opportunity to craft a tailored lighting solution in your surroundings.


Extend Your Tracks with the Designline Connector

If you wish to extend your Designline tracks to cover a larger area, you’ll need our Designline Connector. It easily installs between your two tracks,  and can be used regardless of whether you want to connect 1-meter and 2-meter tracks.

With our Designline Connector, you can seamlessly extend your tracks, but we also offer the Designline Corner for creating corners and a T-Connector for connecting 3 tracks in the system.

The Designline Connector is available in both white and black, allowing it to harmonize with the aesthetic of your track. Remember to use the Designline Start or Centerstart to connect power to the tracks.


For installation guidance, refer to the provided installation manual or watch this video:


Designline Connector – White, Designline Connector – Black

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