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Create a unique lighting environment with the Designline series.

Designline is our popular track system that can be combined and configured in countless ways. The series includes spotlights, tracks, and accessories in various variants, allowing you to easily achieve a customized lighting environment in your spaces.


Add power to your track with Designline Start.

When you need to install a track system like Designline, it requires a starter unit to provide power to the track. Designline Start is a starter piece that is mounted at the end of your Designline track closest to the lamp socket you intend to use.

Alternatively, you can also use Designline Centerstart if you wish to place tracks on both sides of your lamp socket. If you need to extend your tracks, you can use our Designline Connector.

Designline Start is available in both black and white to match the aesthetics of your track.


The user-friendly design makes it easy to install the starter piece.

Find installation instructions in this video: ANTIDARK Designline start guide


Designline Start – White, Designline Start – Black

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