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Create a Customized Lighting Environment

This Designline adapter is a smart accessory in our popular Designline series, providing you with even more options to craft a customized lighting environment that perfectly suits your space.

The minimalist adapter allows you to suspend a variety of pendants with a maximum weight capacity of 5 kg on your Designline track.


Easy Pendant Installation with the Designline Adapter

By mounting pendants on your track, you can, for instance, create a comfortable and functional illumination over your kitchen table, dining table, or meeting table. The pendants can be placed wherever you desire on the track and easily repositioned as needed. In addition to pendants, you can also combine them with spotlights on the track, providing excellent illumination for the room.

The adapter is available in both white and black, allowing you to match the color to your track.

If you desire a combination of pendants and spotlights, we have two ideal solutions in terms of form and design:

Designline Tube spots and Tube pendants

Designline Tube Pro spots and Tube Flex pendants

They come in various colors, which you can find under each of the products.


NOTE: The maximum weight for the pendant is 5 kg.

For installation assistance, refer to the guide above or watch the video here: ANTIDARK Designline Adapter guide – YouTube


Designline Adapter – White, Designline Adapter – Black

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