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With the Designline Adapter, it is possible to hang pendants on the Designline track, as long as the pendant weighs a maximum of 5 kg.

This way, you can mix pendants and spots or simply use one or the other.

When using the Designline Adapter in this way, you get a minimalist and stylish expression where there is no need for a canopy to be mounted on the ceiling. The adapter is installed in the track so that it aligns with the bottom edge of the track. Therefore, only the bottom 3 cm of the adapter are visible, and at the same time, it helps to stabilize the cord on your pendant.

If you want to mix pendants and spots in the Designline track, these spots and pendants fit in both form and design:

  • Designline Tube spots and Tube pendants
  • Designline Tube pro spots and Tube Flex pendants You can find the various colors under the products.

Note: The maximum weight for the pendant is 5 kg when using the Designline Adapter. 1F 230V

For installation guidance, please see this video:


Designline Adapter – White, Designline Adapter – Black

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