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For our PRO series, we have everything in tracks and fittings, including the products shown below. Please contact us for purchase and offers on these products.

ANTIDARK global_l_connector_xts35_3_white

ANTIDARK global_t_connector_xts39_3_white

ANTIDARK global_x_connector_xts_38_3_white

ANTIDARK global_aluminium_nipple_for_adapter_10mm_xtsa_57_8_9

ANTIDARK global_stabilizer white

ANTIDARK global_wire_suspension_skb_16_3_white

ANTIDARK global_adapter_ga_69_3_white



ANTIDARK global_end_cover_xts_41_3_white

global_connector_xts_21_3_white     ANTIDARK global_track_white

The right lighting in stores, office environments, museums, galleries and restaurants emphasises selected areas and products in the room or space. With the right lighting, you can direct people’s attention to exactly what you want them to look at in the room. Using spot lighting from ANTIDARK and working with you, we ensure that you get the right light for your particular room. Our spots are of the highest quality and functionality. The natural colours of the items you want to emphasise are not distorted, as the colour rendering is very high.
Store lighting is switched on for many hours every day. ANTIDARK store lighting can be controlled in different groups, which means you can choose whether the light should be on in some areas, for example in windows, when the store is closed.
At the same time, our LED lighting is energy-saving, and your investment is therefore quickly recouped.

Our spots are fitted on lighting rails, and both rails and spots are available in different sizes and colours. We can customise the solution to suit your room. Our spots are stylish and do not detract attention from your products. They emphasise them.

The lighting rails are 3-phase, which means you can divide your lighting into three groups, where you can either have all the spots on at once or just some of them on at other times – whichever and whenever you want to emphasise something. The same applies to restaurants, where lighting during daylight hours must be different from lighting during evening hours.

With the right lighting, you give your customers and guests the best experience of your store, space, café or restaurant. A pleasant atmosphere is created, which makes the experience even stronger, inspiring and exciting.

With the right lighting, our customers often experience increased sales. It is a proven fact that when a product is emphasised in a store, sales of that particular product increase.