Easy Braccio 3F

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Easy Braccio 3F – Dynamic lighting for Global three-phase track

The Easy Braccio 3F is a sophisticated and innovative addition to our renowned Easy series, specifically designed for mounting on our Global three-phase track, which is part of our Pro series.

This advanced version of Easy Braccio maintains the elegant and minimalist aesthetic while adding a new dimension of flexibility and professionalism. Available in both classic black and minimalist white, the lamp is ideal for use in office environments, stores, restaurants, and similar settings.


Design and functionality

The Easy Braccio 3F stands out with its distinctive arm, offering a light and dynamic design. This design not only contributes a visually airy expression but also exceptional functionality. The lamp’s flexibility allows for precise direction of light where it is needed, making it perfect for highlighting specific areas or objects with targeted lighting.

Flexible lighting control for professional spaces

With its adjustable tilt and rotation function, the Easy Braccio 3F gives you complete control over the direction of light, which is crucial in professional environments. The lamp can be easily dismounted and moved to another location on the Global track, making it quick and simple to adjust the lighting as needed. This is particularly advantageous in dynamic environments like stores, where displays and layouts are continuously changing.

Dimmable feature for ambient lighting

The dimmability of the Easy Braccio 3F allows for adjustment of the brightness according to mood and needs. This feature is especially valuable for restaurateurs who wish to create the perfect atmosphere at any time of the day, whether it’s a soft, intimate light for evening dinners or a clear, efficient light for preparations before opening.


Technical specifications

Diameter: 10.2 cm
Height: 13.3 cm
Color Temperature: 2700K

For more technical specifications, please refer to the datasheet above.


Easy Braccio 3F LED 2700K 35° – White, Easy Braccio 3F LED 2700K 35° – Black