ANTIDARK’s Designline track system is 230V, which pleasantly surprises many people. The 230V track system offers an elegant and modern solution for lighting needs. Its slim design makes it less obtrusive and integrates stylishly into ceiling surfaces without compromising aesthetics. Unlike bulkier alternatives, this system maintains a minimalist appearance, perfectly aligning with contemporary and Scandinavian design principles. Additionally, the 230V track system is easy to install and provides robust performance. The Designline track system is ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, ensuring high-quality lighting while preserving the elegance of your interior design.

Choose the 230V track system for a sophisticated, discreet lighting solution.

Create atmosphere and functionality in your room

Designline is a flexible track system that can be combined in countless ways. The minimalist Scandinavian design suits any room or home.

It is a high-quality track system that offers great value for money.

With Designline, you can mix and match spots and pendants as desired, and create angles that fit the room’s layout.

The series can be used to provide both general lighting and more focused light. It is suitable for illuminating spaces that require high precision, such as kitchens and offices. Achieve a unique lighting setup that is both energy-efficient and stylish.

There has been no compromise on the quality of the Designline track, which is made of robust aluminum. The same applies to the light quality, where you can choose spots with integrated LED in 2700K or 3000K with replaceable light sources.

What does it mean that it is 230V?

A 230V track system means that it is designed to operate with a standard mains voltage of 230 volts, which is the common voltage in the electrical grid in many European countries. Here are some important points about 230V track systems:

  • Direct connection to the mains: 230V track systems can be directly connected to the standard power supply without the need for a transformer or driver to convert the voltage.
  • Efficiency and simplicity: Since there is no need for external transformers or drivers to reduce the voltage, the installation process becomes simpler and more efficient.
  • Standard compatibility: 230V is a standard voltage, making it easy to find compatible components and accessories for the system. This also makes maintenance and replacement of parts easier.

Overall, a 230V track system means it is a practical and standardized lighting solution that can be directly connected to the household mains without additional converters.

5 benefits of Designline

1. Minimalistic design – a slim track of only 2.2 cm

2. Flexible and simple – can be assembled in countless ways

3. High quality – we have high standards for our production

4. Always in stock – quick delivery to you

5. One of our bestsellers

We sell our lamps through retailers across Europe. Find the retailer closest to you or a webshop that sells our lamps.

Technical and functional specifications

The Designline series can be assembled in countless ways using corner pieces, T-connectors, and pendant adapters. Here are some of the useful features:

  • Track length: available in 1 or 2 meters
  • Material: aluminum
  • Spotlights available with integrated LED or replaceable light sources
  • Various connectors for expanding and angling the tracks
  • Adapter for mounting pendants

These lamps from ANTIDARK can be used with the Designline track.

  • Tube Spot available in both black and white. You can add an Extension Front to extend the spotlight.
  • Bell Spot in the colors: black and white.
  • Tube Pro in the colors: white, black, brass, and titanium. Two front rings and a Honeycomb filter are included.
  • Tube LED in the colors: black and white. Available in both 2700K and 3000K.
That's how easy and flexible it is
Discover how you can use the Designline track system

At ANTIDARK, we wish to make the installation of the Designline series as easy as possible for you. That’s why we have created several videos on our YouTube channel that demonstrate how simple it is to set up. You can watch the videos below or access our YouTube channel for more information.

We focused on the following aspects when designing the ANTIDARK Designline series:

One of our main considerations was to create a track that wouldn’t dominate the ceiling. Unlike larger and bulkier tracks, the Designline track has a slim profile with a thickness and height of only 2.2 cm, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the room while maintaining a refined and stylish look.

The associated Tube and Bell spotlights also follow a minimalist design approach. The Bell spotlight is available in both white and black, and for those seeking more options, we offer Tube spotlights in black, white, brass, and titanium. These are available with or without integrated light sources.

Mix and match with different spotlights and pendants.

One of the advantages of the Designline series is its versatility and flexibility. You can use the track in a traditional way, hanging spotlights in a row, or use a combination of pendants and spotlights. Pendants can be installed using Designline adapters, with a maximum weight capacity of 5 kg.

We also provide corner pieces and straight sections (center starts) that allow you to create bends or extend the track as needed.

Discover the full range of Designline products and accessories here: Designline – the popular track system | ANTIDARK

Frequently Asked Questions about Designline

Designline is a minimalist and functional track and spotlight series developed by ANTIDARK. The track system is incredibly popular due to its sleek design and high quality. Additionally, there are limitless possibilities for customization, making the series suitable for both large and small spaces, with options for both spotlights and pendants.

When installing the Designline track, there isn’t much you can do wrong. However, if you find yourself wondering how to set it up correctly, we have created a Designline starter guide on our YouTube channel.

Designline is a flexible track system and can be used in various ways depending on the purpose. The series can be used in private homes, where the functional system is optimal for spaces such as the kitchen, hallways, and entryways. Additionally, the series is also ideal for creating good lighting environments in businesses, including offices, meeting rooms, and more.

Designline is most commonly used in the ceiling, either as a single track or composed of multiple tracks.

Designline is designed as a flexible track system and can be used with almost all types of lamps. Both spotlights and pendants can be mounted on the track.

When hanging a pendant from the track using a Designline adapter, there are a few things to consider:

  1. The pendant should have a maximum weight of 5 kg.
  2. The cable used should have a maximum diameter of 5 mm. Most cables are made within this size.
  3. The lamp should be able to hang from its own cable and should not have multiple wires connected.

Designline is well suited for private lighting in functional spaces such as the kitchen and utility room, as well as for highlighting important areas such as artwork, furniture, or similar items. If you need lighting for a store, we recommend considering the Pro series for a suitable retail lighting solution.