Supreme Pendant

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Ultra-thin, luxurious, and elegantly long pendant

With our Supreme Pendant, you not only get atmospheric lighting but also a unique opportunity to add elegance and style to your space.

The stylish and sleek appearance makes Supreme the ideal lighting solution for many different spaces. The pendant is perfect if you want to create inviting lighting over your dining table while adding an eye-catching design element. Furthermore, a Supreme Pendant will work well above the kitchen island, meeting table, or as a beautiful part of the living room decor.


Design and functionality

The light from Supreme is not only elegant and impressive but also versatile and comfortable. With a dimmable function, you can adjust the lighting to your preferences and create the perfect atmosphere in any room. Supreme Pendant delivers warm white light with a color temperature of 2700K.

Supreme is available in two different sizes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your room’s layout.

Supreme 150

Supreme Pendant 150 measures a remarkable 146.6 cm, making it an outstanding lighting solution ideal for larger rooms, where you can create a striking and sophisticated illumination.

You can choose Supreme 150 in a variant with downward light, providing intense and focused lighting, or a variant that spreads light both upward and downward, delivering impressive illumination throughout the room.

Supreme 120

Supreme Pendant 120 is a shorter version measuring 116.5 cm. It is ideal for smaller spaces where it will still add a beautiful touch of elegance. Supreme 120 is only available with downward light, making it perfect for functional lighting above the kitchen counter, office desk, and similar spaces.


Technical specifications for Supreme Pendant

Dimensions, Supreme Pendant 150: L: 146.6 cm, H: 8 cm, B: 0.8 cm

Dimensions, Supreme Pendant 120: L: 116.5 cm, H: 8 cm, B: 0.8 cm

Find all dimensions and other technical specifications in the datasheet above.

Both models come with a 3 metre cable

Watch the Supreme Long Pendant on YouTube here.


Supreme Pendant Down 150 LED – Black, Supreme Pendant Up/Down 150 LED – Black, Supreme Pendant Down 120 LED – Black