Ballerina Pendant

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With Ballerina Pendant you can create a cozy atmosphere, a stylish expression and a good, calm light.
An elegant glass pendant with a brass top, in a shape and design that is not seen in many other places.
The white glass shade and brass top give a calm but stylish look that never goes out of style. The canopy is also in brass. The glass lamp emits a calm light that does not dazzle, as the glass shade folds around and therefore the hole itself is not larage. The light source is replaceable, so you can decide whether it should be 2700K or 3000K bulp you want to use.

Ballerina Pendant is available in two sizes:

Small: Ø20 cm

Large: Ø30 cm

You can therefore use the glass pendant in several places in the home interior. The lage pendant fits perfectly above a dining table, where 1 or more can be hung, depending on how big the dining table is. The large Ballerina glass pendant will also fit well in the hallway or, for example , in a corner of the living room.
The small Ballerina Glass Pendant is well suited over the kitchen table, to ad some cozy lighting there, together with your spots. In addidition, it can very well be placed over the bedside table or bathroom table. With its minimalist look, it is also perfect in clusters, if the room is large enough for it.

You can also make a cluster where you mix both Ballerina small and Ballerina Large – only the imaginations sets the limits.

Technical specifications for Ballerina Pendant

Se technical specifications in the data sheet, which you can download above.



Ballerina Small Pendant E14, Ballerina Large Pendant E27