A1 S170 Pendant Shade

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Explore a World of Possibilities with the A1 Pendant

With our A1 pendant, you can tailor a lighting design that perfectly suits your personal style. These beautiful Pendant Shades open the door to countless combinations, allowing you to create a lighting solution that fits seamlessly with your decor – and change it out if you want a fresh look.

Whether you want to create a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere or add a touch of color and individuality, the A1 Pendant Shade gives you the freedom to play with design and lighting.


A1 S170 Pendant Shade – Design and Functionality

A1 Pendant Shade is available in 6 different colors, so you can choose the one that best complements your surroundings. Whether you prefer a sleek black, a timeless white, or a bolder color like green or blue, we have something for every taste.

The shade’s dimensions are Ø: 17 cm in diameter and H: 11 cm in height, making it ideal for creating focused and comfortable lighting. It’s designed to work perfectly as a pendant in the corner of your living room or above your dining table, where it can add both functionality and aesthetic appeal to the space.


A1 S170 Pendant Shade is the shade for our A1 pendant, which is a two-part product. Here, you’re purchasing the shade only – Find the A1 Pendant top here (available in 6 colors).


A1 S170 Pendant Shade – Brass, A1 S170 Pendant Shade – White, A1 S170 Pendant Shade – Black, A1 S170 Pendant Shade – Dusty Blue, A1 S170 Pendant Shade – Dusty Green, A1 S170 Pendant Shade – Warm Grey, A1 S170 Pendant Shade – Sienna