Guide to choosing a dining table lamp.

Are you looking for a new dining table lamp but having difficulty deciding which one to choose? Read on here, where we provide helpful advice and inspiration for selecting your new dining table lamp.

Dining table lamps can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetics, making them one of the more challenging choices. Additionally, the dining table serves multiple purposes beyond just hosting dinner parties, so the lighting needs to fulfill various functions.

The selection at most lamp shops and webshops is huge, and it can be difficult to find out what to choose and pay attention to when choosing your dining table lamp.

In this guide, we provide you with 3 valuable tips to achieve the perfect dining room lighting. You’ll find answers to questions such as which type of lamp you should opt for, how many lamps are ideal above the dining table, and the recommended lamp height over the dining table.

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1. Choose the right lamp type for your dining table

Most people opt for a pendant lamp over the dining table, gracefully hanging from the ceiling and casting a beautiful light down onto the table.

Pendant lamps come in various designs, and the design plays a significant role in how the light is distributed in the room, especially on the dining table.

Not all pendants will necessarily meet your needs.

The choice depends, among other factors, on whether you use the dining table for cozy dinners or also as a workspace, for studying with your children, and so on.

Therefore, it is important to consider which lamp type best suits your specific needs for a dining table lamp.

In general, there are 3 different lamp types that distribute light in their own way and also influence the appropriate height at which the lamp should hang.

Pendant with downward light

A pendant with downward light only spreads the light towards the tabletop and is an ideal dining table lamp if you also use the table as a workspace.

With this type of lamp, you get a more focused light, while also creating a cozy atmosphere. Pendants with downward light should be hung closer to the table since the light source is rarely shielded.

You can choose a lamp that is dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness depending on your activities at the dining table. If you need good task lighting, you can turn up the light. If you want a cozy and intimate ambiance at the table in the evening, you can dim it down.

This way, you have the opportunity to set the right mood for the right time.

Pendant with upward and downward light

If you desire a dining table lamp that provides concentrated light while also spreading it throughout the room, this type of pendant is a great choice.

Similar to the previous one, you will achieve good task lighting on the dining table. Additionally, the pendant is open at the top, allowing the light to spread to the rest of the room.

360-degree pendant

If you prefer a cozy and diffused light, a 360-degree pendant is perfect. The light source is concealed behind glass, allowing the light to spread easily and elegantly throughout the room.

The relaxing, diffused light from a glass dining table lamp is ideal if you primarily use the table for dinners. It is less suitable as task lighting.

Overall, in ANTIDARK’s collection, we emphasize a minimalist expression, and our lamps will not overpower your dining room. Your other interior elements are allowed to shine, and the lamp will simply be a stylish choice that ensures good lighting.

2. The number of lamps above the dining table

The number of lamps you need above the dining table depends on the size of the table. It is important for the table and the number of lamps to harmonize so that the light is evenly distributed. At the same time, there should not be too many lamps as it can create a messy look.

1 lamp above the dining table

You should only use one lamp above your dining table if it measures between 120-180 cm, as using more lamps can make the space feel cramped. Consider choosing a slightly larger dining table lamp to ensure a good distribution of light.

If you have a round dining table, it is also a good idea to choose only one dining table lamp. This provides an even distribution of light and harmonizes best with the table.

2-3 lamps above the dining table

If your dining table measures between 180-300 cm, it will create a beautiful look to have more than one dining table lamp. This ensures that the light is spread evenly across the entire table.

If you choose three pendant lamps, it is advisable to opt for slightly smaller models to maintain a simple look. A good option would be the ANTIDARK VIP2 or ANTIDARK Tube pendant lamps, as they do not take up much space over the dining table. You can therefore consider placing multiple lamps in a row, depending on the length of your table.

A good rule of thumb is to leave a distance of 60-80 cm between the lamps, depending on the model.

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3. How high should the lamp hang?

The height at which the lamp is hung is important for the overall look of the room and for it to fulfill its function. Follow these steps to achieve an optimal lamp height above your dining table.

  1. Always make sure to hang your pendants in a way that they don’t obstruct the view or hinder conversation with the person sitting across from you.
  2. As a general recommendation, we suggest that your dining table lamp hangs approximately 60-70 cm from the surface of the table to the bottom of the lamp.
  3. If it is a glass lamp, you can hang it slightly higher to ensure good distribution of light throughout the rest of the room.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Dining Table Lamps

Which dining table lamp is best depends on how you use the table in your everyday life. If the table is primarily used for dinners, a glass pendant with diffused light will create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, while pendants with downward light are ideal if the table is also used for studying or work.

The brightness (lumen) over the dining table should neither be too strong or too weak. The number of lumens you should choose for your dining table lamp depends on the function of the lamp. Generally, we recommend selecting an LED light source with a range of 300-1200 lumens for your lamp.

A dining table lamp should neither hang too high nor too low. The exact height depends on the type of lamp. If the light source is shielded, you can hang the pendant relatively high. However, if the light source is exposed, the lamp should be placed lower to avoid glare and discomfort from the bulb. We generally recommend a suspension height of 60-70 cm from the tabletop to the bottom of the lamp.

The number of lamps for a dining table largely depends on the length of your table. If you have a round dining table or a table between 120-180 cm, it is recommended to use one lamp. If you have a longer dining table, you can use multiple dining table lamps to provide a good distribution of light. It is recommended to maintain a distance of 60-80 cm between the lamps.

The size of the lamp you should choose over the dining table depends on the number of lamps you want. If you have a smaller dining table and only need one lamp, you can consider opting for a larger model. Conversely, if you have a large table and need multiple lamps, you can choose a smaller model to avoid it looking too cramped.