A Bloc Two Kit

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Create the perfect lighting environment with A Bloc Two Kit

A Bloc Two Kit is part of our elegant A Bloc series, consisting of spotlights and bases in a beautiful design. The series is the ideal solution if you want a simple expression while adding functionality and a clean design to your spaces. A Bloc Two Kit consists of one base and two matching spotlights and can be used in various areas throughout your home.


Design and Functionality

With the adjustable spotlights in A Bloc Two Kit, you can easily direct the light in the desired direction. This makes it a perfect solution for highlighting artworks, illuminating your favorite corner, or creating a cozy atmosphere in your living room.

The kit is available in black or white, making it a versatile addition to any interior. Additionally, a gold front ring is included for each of the two spotlights, allowing you to change the look and add a touch of elegance and personality to your lighting.

With this kit, you not only get a stylish lamp but also a practical solution to enhance the ambiance of your home. The lamp is dimmable, giving you the flexibility to adjust the brightness according to your mood and needs.


Technical Specifications

Measurements of the base: L: 33.5cm, D: 5cm, H: 4cm

Measurements of the spotlights: Ø: 6cm, H: 9cm

For all technical specifications, please refer to the datasheet above.


A Bloc Two Kit – White, A Bloc Two Kit – Black