A Bloc One

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A Bloc One – Base with Space for One Spotlight

A Bloc One is a base in our versatile A Bloc series. The series is the perfect solution if you desire minimalist aesthetics while adding functionality and an elegant design to your spaces.

On this A Bloc One base, you can add an A Bloc spotlight and create an inviting lighting effect in your home or illuminate different areas in your residence. Whether it’s workspaces, artworks, or simply a cozy ambiance, with the base, you can achieve the perfect lighting for your needs.


Design and functionality:

Our A Bloc One base is available in timeless white and classic black, making it easy to integrate into any room. The same applies to our A Bloc spotlight, which is also available in black and white, allowing you to match them to the base.

Whether you prefer a traditional or more modern style, A Bloc One will complement your home beautifully. Its geometric square shape has a timeless look that suits any space.


Technical specifications:

A Bloc One measures: Length: 17.5 cm, Depth: 5 cm, Height: 4 cm.

Please note that with this purchase, you are only buying the base – the spotlight needs to be purchased separately.

A Bloc One

A Bloc One – White, A Bloc One – Black