Cuscino Pendant

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Cuscino Pendant is our latest glass pendant, which will be launched in July 2022.

These glass pendants have soft rounded shapes that express elegance while being warm, friendly and ‘chubby’.
The glass pendants are ideal to hang over a round table, a long dining table, in a hallway, in the kitchen, as a cluster, in a corner or something else. – There are many uses.

A stylish, nordic and modern design in a timeless express.
It has been important in the design process to create a shape that seems both alluring / attractive by virtue of the right proportions and sizes and at the same time fits into most minimalist and Nordic environments. The design is up-to-date by virtue of materials and at the same time has a timeless design.
The milky white shiny glass is mouth blown in craftsmanship quality – while being modern tasteful. All in all, the lamp is produced in a material combination where glass, metal and fabric cord play together and connect each other in an aesthetically delicate whole.

Cuscino glass pendant comes in two sizes; small and medium

Medium is Ø26 cm and small is Ø15 cm

Both top and canopy is made in beautiful brass.


Cuscino Small Pendant G9, Cuscino Medium Pendant E27