Downlight Blocky

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Stylish Recessed Spotlight with Hidden Light Source

Blocky is a stylish recessed spotlight that perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality. The unique 60 mm edge effectively reduces glare while adding character to the room.

The light source is deeply recessed and not visible from the sides. This creates the impression that Blocky is a square with light inside, rather than a traditional downlight.


Design and Functionality

The elegant and modern design makes this recessed spotlight a perfect lighting solution for the living room, kitchen, office, or hallway. Wherever you use Blocky, it will add a sleek and discreet look. Blocky is also IP-54 rated, making it suitable for use in damp areas such as bathrooms or outdoors under a roof.

Blocky is available in both white and black with either 2700K or 3000K. You have excellent options to find the right variant, and with dimmable functionality, it’s easy to adjust the light according to your needs.


Technical Specifications for Blocky

Dimensions: W: 70 mm, H: 103 mm, Hole Ø: 62 mm & depth: 43 mm

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Downlight Blocky LED 2700K – White, Downlight Blocky LED 2700K – Black, Downlight Blocky LED 3000K – White, Downlight Blocky LED 3000K – Black