Tube Flex Pendant S25

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Tube Flex Pendant S25 is a stylish and simple tube pendant. With its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic it will fit into any decor.

Tube Flex Pendant S25 measures 6 cm in diameter and is 25 cm in length.

It is 10 cm shorter than our popular Tube Flex Pendant, making it easy to integrate into many different places in the home.

Use it to create perfect lighting over the kitchen island or dining table in our Designline track, or let it hang alone or in a cluster in the sofa or lounge area for a cozy and atmospheric light – the possibilities are many.

Tube Flex Short is available in four stylish colors; black, white, titanium, and brass.

Each color has its unique character and provides a different look in the home. Tube Flex Short in black and titanium has a raw and masculine expression, while white and brass will give a more sophisticated and feminine look.

Tube Flex Pendant S25 comes with a black canopy (the white has a white canopy) measuring Ø: 10 cm.

Technical specifications for Tube Flex Pendant S25:

Find all technical specifications for Tube Flex Short in the data sheet above.