Lamp manufacturer

We manufacture lamps where design, quality, and light come together

Lighting is an essential parameter in any interior design, and therefore the choice of lamps is also important. As a lamp manufacturer, we are passionate about creating lamps that provide perfect light and set the right atmosphere in different environments, whether it is for businesses or in private homes.

The right light can help shape the room and highlight different elements that are important to you, from art on the wall to products in a store.

Light affects people both mentally and physically, even more than you might think.

The right light can increase sales in your store, improve the well-being of your employees, and make guests stay longer in your restaurant.

Danish lamp manufacturer located in Middelfart

Our goal as a lamp manufacturer is to create high-quality lamps where design and technology come together in perfect harmony.

We are located on Funen with our address in Middelfart, where our showroom is also located. In our exhibition, you can explore our entire range of stylish lamps, and we are happy to help you find the perfect match. As a B2B customer, you can also get a virtual tour of our showroom.

We only sell our lamps to businesses, but if you are a private individual interested in a lamp from ANTIDARK, you can find our selection at one of our retailers throughout Europe.

ANTIDARK Showroom Middelfart

Our design team creates lamps for modern interior design

Behind the beautiful lamps is our design team. A strong team of creative and skilled individuals, each with their own competencies. In collaboration with each other, they design and develop functional and stylish products that are optimal for lighting in businesses as well as private homes.

Before our lamps reach the end customer, they have been through many different hands to ensure quality and finish down to the smallest detail.

Quality lighting is always a priority, and therefore, we have high demands for everything from materials to suppliers’ production methods.

ANTIDARK Drawing Process - lampeproducent / lamp manufacturer

Stylish and functional collection

As a lamp manufacturer, it is important to follow the demand of the market and the current trends. We strive to constantly update our selection, so it is adapted to different trends – it applies to both design and technology, so you can enjoy our lamps now and in the future.

Our selection at ANTIDARK consists of products that can be used as the room’s main lighting and as ambient lighting. Our lamps should not only be beautiful to look at. They should also be functional and emit the perfect light.

Therefore, our lamps contain different features that make them adaptable to many different environments and interiors. This includes tilt and swivel functions, as well as the ability to adjust brightness and color temperature.

ANTIDARK Ballerina Pendant

Get advice from a lighting expert

In addition to being a lamp manufacturer, we can also provide professional advice on lighting. Our lighting experts have built up a wealth of knowledge about light and how it is optimally used in different environments through years of experience. Both indoors and outdoors.

They can advise on everything from the placement and number of light sources to which specific products will best suit the style and different functions of the room.

By involving a lighting specialist from the start of the project, you are guaranteed a good end result where the light harmonizes and supports the rest of the decor.

In addition, you can get an overview of how much budget should be allocated for lighting, and various wires and cables can be hidden during the building process.

Do you need advice from a lighting expert in your company?

No matter the size of your project, we are ready to guide you to achieve optimal lighting that matches the room’s functions and is pleasant, functional, and decorative.