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Are you building new or renovating? Consider lighting and consulting in the budget and process from the beginning.

Lighting is an essential part of any interior design and carries more significance than you might think. This applies not only to private homes but also to stores, restaurants, and office environments, where lighting plays a hidden role in our behavior and mood.

In other words, it contributes to enhancing the value of the space.

However, many people forget to consider lighting when renovating, expanding, or building new. This often results in being left with a relatively small budget, leading to the purchase of cheap alternatives that do not enhance the room effectively. Additionally, the number or placement of lamps may also be incorrect, which is why you have to change the lighting in the long term.

This can become a costly and challenging task.

Lighting is not just light

It may sound simple to achieve the right lighting in a space, but there is much more to it than just choosing a lamp with a beautiful design.

The lamps should suit the different functions of the room, provide pleasant illumination, and set the right mood. This means considering factors such as placement, the number of light sources, light type, lumens, kelvin, and other technical specifications.

Therefore, it is a great idea to involve an experienced lighting specialist in your project from the start. As lighting experts, we possess extensive knowledge about light, enabling us to assess and calculate the appropriate light levels and determine the need for different types of lighting.

Furthermore, we can assist in selecting products that harmonize with the overall decor of the space and meet your current and future needs.

This applies whether it is an office, a hair salon, a store, or a restaurant. We can provide guidance on commercial lighting for all types of businesses.

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3 good reasons to involve a lighting specialist in your project


With the right lighting consultation, you can be confident that the lighting installed will be suitable for the function of the space and meet your needs.


Wires and cables can be hidden while the construction process is still ongoing. If this needs to be changed at a later stage, it can be expensive and technically challenging.


We can provide guidance regarding the selection of products, ensuring that you are guaranteed quality lighting that is future-proof and will last for many years. We can deliver total lighting solutions.


Do you need a lighting specialist for your project?

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