Downlight ANTIDARK

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Timeless and functional recessed spotlight

The ANTIDARK Downlight is a classic and minimalist recessed spotlight that easily integrates into any room, regardless of the interior style. Its modest size and simple design allow the recessed spotlight to seamlessly blend into the space without disrupting the overall aesthetic.

Despite its simple design, you can still enjoy a good and pleasant light that beautifully spreads throughout the entire room.

This spotlight is also available in a Downlight tilt variant, which includes a smart tilting function that allows you to direct the spotlight in the desired direction.


Perfect lighting solution with high color rendering and water resistance

Downlight ANTIDARK is available in both black and white, with options for either 2700K or 3000K color temperatures. This provides you with great opportunities to find the perfect recessed spotlight for your needs.

Furthermore, our recessed spotlights have a high color rendering index of RA90 and an IP44 rating. This means that the spotlights can easily withstand use in moist areas such as basements and bathrooms, allowing you to maintain a sleek and consistent style throughout your home.


Technical specifications for the Downlight ANTIDARK

This recessed spotlight measures: Ø:90mm, D:48mm, Cutout: Ø78-83mm.

You can find all the technical specifications for ANTIDARK Downlight in the datasheet above.


Downlight ANTIDARK LED 2700K – White, Downlight ANTIDARK LED 2700K – Black, Downlight ANTIDARK LED 3000K – White, Downlight ANTIDARK LED 3000K – Black