Tube Slim Built-in

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Tube Slim Built-In – Minimalist recessed spotlight with beautiful focused lighting

Discover elegance and functionality combined with the Tube Slim Built-In recessed spotlight. Its sleek design is crafted to complement any modern decor, where style and quality go hand in hand. With its minimalist and timeless expression, characteristic of Scandinavian design, the Tube Slim Built-In offers a discreet yet effective lighting solution.

Designed to provide focused lighting, the Tube Slim Built-In is ideal for highlighting specific areas or elements in your space, making it perfect for both residential and commercial use. Whether it’s in a cozy living room, a stylish office, or illuminating a piece of art, this recessed spotlight ensures that light is cast exactly where you want it.


Design and functionality

At ANTIDARK, we understand the importance of quality lighting. Therefore, the Tube Slim Built-In is designed with a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, allowing you to enjoy a lighting solution that not only looks good but also meets your lighting needs in the best possible way.

With its flexible design, you can easily adjust the lighting to your specific needs by rotating and tilting the spotlight. The Tube Slim Built-In is available in black and white, giving you the option to choose the color that best fits your space and style. The black version adds a striking, modern touch, while the white version blends effortlessly with the ceiling for a more discreet presence.

Equipped with an integrated LED light source, the Tube Slim Built-In emits a warm white light at 2700K, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. With the dimmable function, you can also adjust the light intensity to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.


Technical specifications

Dimensions: Ø: 4 cm, L: 17 cm

See all technical specifications in the datasheet above.


Tube Slim Built-In Spot LED 2700K – White, Tube Slim Built-In Spot LED 2700K – Black