Decoring To ONESOFT

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Transformed expression with Decoring for ONESOFT recessed spotlight

A decoring is the perfect way to give your spots a new expression and change the character of the lighting. From a completely minimalist and simple look, you can achieve a more prominent and eye-catching expression on your recessed spots.

This decoring fits the ONESOFT recessed spotlight and is designed to be easy to install. It simply mounts over the spot, allowing you to create a new look in seconds. The decoring is available in both white and black, so you can choose the color that best suits your interior style.

You also have the option to choose between a round or square version of the decoring. The round version adds a soft and organic aesthetic, while the square version provides a more streamlined and modern appearance.


Change the character of the light

In addition to transforming the expression of the spotlight, the decoring also changes the character of the light. The decoring can, among other things, help improve your lighting by preventing glare if the spotlight is installed in a location where there is a chance of glare. By using a decoring, the light will become more concentrated.


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TLG Decoring To ONESOFT Round – White, TLG Decoring To ONESOFT Round – Black, TLG Decoring To ONESOFT Square – White, TLG Decoring To ONESOFT Square – Black