Downlight MiniOne Fixed

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Mini recessed spotlight with efficient lighting

MiniOne Fixed is a stylish mini recessed spotlight that delivers impressive lumen output and a wide beam angle, designed for decorative lighting. The spotlight is perfect for creating ambiance and highlighting specific areas or objects in the room.

Whether it’s for your home or a professional project, you can achieve beautiful results with SLC MiniOne. With an IP44 front and IP21 back rating, this mini recessed spotlight is suitable for various locations throughout the house.

The spotlight is available in both black and white, and with options of 2700K or 3000K. There are therefore great options to find the right variant for your needs, and with the dimmable function, you can easily adjust the light as needed.


Easy control and installation

Downlight MiniOne Fixed can be recessed directly into the ceiling or mounted with MiniOne Fixed Surface Housing. This gives you flexibility to customize the placement and achieve the desired lighting angle and effect. With a cutout hole of only 25mm and a built-in height of 18mm, installation is quick and easy.

You can connect up to 6 MiniOne Fixed recessed spotlights to a single driver, making it convenient to install and control the light in your space.

You can find the driver for MiniOne here:

Driver for 1-2 spots: Click HERE

Driver for 3-6 spots: Click HERE


Technical specifications for Downlight MiniOne Fixed

This recessed spotlight measures: Ø: 32mm D:18mm Cutout Ø:25mm

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Downlight MiniOne Fixed LED 2700K – White, Downlight MiniOne Fixed LED 2700K – Black, Downlight MiniOne Fixed LED 3000K – White, Downlight MiniOne Fixed LED 3000K – Black