Designline Tube Fixed

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Designline Tube Fixed – A fixed spot from the Designline universe

Designline Tube Fixed is a new addition to our popular Designline series. The spotlight stands out from the rest of the series by being mounted on a fixed base, offering a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics without the need for a track.

This spot is designed to be mounted directly on the surface, giving a clean and minimalistic look while maintaining the same high standards of quality and design that characterise the entire Designline range.

The lamp is ideal if you want a simple and sophisticated lighting solution, for example, in places where a track system is not suitable.


Design and functionality

Designline Tube Fixed is a testament to the versatility and quality of the series. This spotlight is designed with an integrated LED light source that provides a pleasant and functional light.

With a colour temperature of 3000K and a high colour rendering (CRI90), this spot ensures that the colours in your room are presented in the most natural and flattering way. Its robust aluminium construction and fixed base make it ideal for both ceiling and wall mounting, giving you even more options to customise your lighting.

Designline Tube Fixed is available in two colours – classic black and timeless white – making it easy to match the lamp with your existing décor.


Technical specifications

Designline Tube Fixed measures: Ø: 6cm. H: 15cm.

You will find all technical specifications in the data sheet


Designline Tube Spot LED Fixed – White, Designline Tube Spot LED Fixed – Black