Palla Mini C290

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About the Palla Series – Beautiful Glass Lamps in Various Varieties

Palla is a captivating series of spherical lamps crafted from opal glass. These lamps are available in several different designs and sizes, adding an exclusive and sophisticated look to your interior decor. Additionally, they are simple and timeless, and can therefore be easily integrated into existing rooms.


Palla Mini C290 – A Small Double Glass Lamp with Multiple Possibilities

The smallest double glass lamp in the series is Palla Mini C290. This lamp can be used both as a ceiling and wall lamp, offering a wide range of applications within your home.

This small double glass lamp works well as a ceiling lamp in the entrance, where it will provide a comfortable and inviting light in the first room of your home. It will also elegantly stand out as a wall lamp in the cozy corner of your living room or can be used to create extra illumination in a spacious bathroom.

Palla Mini C290 is a small work of art in itself, but it can also be used in multiples, for example, in a long hallway, or combined across models to create a personalized and cohesive expression throughout your home.


Design and Functionality

The Palla series is meticulously designed down to the smallest details, including its lighting. The frosted glass contributes to a pleasant diffused light that avoids glare and creates a welcoming atmosphere. The lamps are constructed to eliminate shadows, allowing the light to gracefully spread across the entire glass surface.

Palla Mini C290 is a dimmable glass lamp with a DTW function, giving you the ability to adjust both the brightness and color temperature to match your needs, activity, and mood.

The spherical glass lamps are mounted on an aluminum base, creating an elegant contrast to the delicate glass. The base is available in brass and titanium, providing you with the option to match your personal style.

Note: delivered without cable hole.


Technical Specifications for Palla Mini C290

Palla Mini C290 measures: L: 21 cm. Ø: 10 cm. H: 10.5 cm.

You can find all technical specifications in the datasheet above.


Palla Mini C290 DTW LED – Brass, Palla Mini C290 DTW LED – Titanium