Luna C260 Plafond

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Luna C260 – A new and improved version of Moon C260

We are proud to present Luna, the newest addition to our collection of stylish flush mount ceiling lights. Luna C260 is a refined and improved version of our previous popular model, Moon C260. With Luna, we have taken everything you loved about Moon and made it even better.

A harmonious lighting experience in any room

Luna is ideal for a wide range of applications. It can be used as central ceiling lighting, as decorative wall art, or as a unique pendant solution with our wire kit. With its discreet mounting directly on the ceiling, Luna occupies minimal space, making it perfect for rooms with limited ceiling height.

The bleached round shade emits a pleasant diffuse light that spreads throughout the room, creating a cozy atmosphere.

One of the unique features of our flush mount ceiling lights is the uniform light that reaches all the way to the edge of the lamp – the light is not just in the center. The even light makes the lamp pleasing to look at and spreads the light beautifully, even when dimmed.


Design and functionality

Luna retains the elegant and timeless design you know from Moon, along with excellent light quality and color rendering. Luna C260 is available in brass with a color temperature of 2700K. Luna comes with phase dimming as standard, allowing you to easily adjust the lighting to suit your mood and needs.

Improved installation

One of the most notable improvements with Luna is its simplified installation. We understand the importance of a hassle-free installation process, so Luna has been designed with this in mind.

Advanced light control

Additionally, Luna offers advanced lighting control options, as it can be supplied with a DALI driver/control system. This feature gives you full control over the lighting, making the lamp ideal for both private and professional spaces where good lighting control is crucial.

Optimized for workplaces

With the option to include UGR 19 (Unified Glare Rating), Luna is designed to minimize glare, making it ideal for office environments. This feature ensures comfortable lighting that reduces eye strain and improves the work environment.


Technical specifications for Luna C260

Luna C260 measures 26 cm in diameter. All technical specifications are available in the datasheet above.