Outdoor lamps

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The entrance, terrace, and garden are also spaces. Spaces where lighting can make a difference. See our selection of outdoor lamps here.


Choosing outdoor lamps is a matter of style and taste, but they should also provide good lighting when it’s dark. And of course, it doesn’t hurt if they look great and help create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the entrance, terrace, or garden.

A common feature of our outdoor lamps is that they are black and have a sleek design that matches most outdoor areas.


We have several beautiful outdoor wall lamps, all of which provide cozy and functional outdoor lighting. On the website, you’ll find, among others, Brick and DOT Outdoor, both of which are popular wall lamps in our outdoor collection.

Our collection also includes the ARCA series, which is a black square cube lamp available in two different sizes: regular and XL. Here, you can choose whether the lamp should provide light both upward and downward or if you prefer ARCA single, which only illuminates downward.

In the series, you’ll also find ARCA step, a smart lamp that can be used on stair steps. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, where it is mounted on the wall, shining downward on the steps, providing beautiful and functional lighting.

Slim Flex also illuminates both upward and downward and can be adjusted in three different positions, depending on the desired beam width.

If you prefer soft lighting, Dolio is a good example. It has a round design while still being minimalist and sleek.


Our collection of outdoor lamps includes lamps for wall mounting as well as freestanding outdoor lamps and ceiling-mounted lamps. The popular bollard ITA is freestanding and can be used in flower beds, along the entrance, on the terrace, etc. The same goes for Frame, which is also a freestanding outdoor lamp that adds a sculptural element to your outdoor area.

If you’re looking for a lamp to mount on the ceiling in the carport, overhang, or covered terrace, EASY outdoor is a good choice. With the adjustable spotlight, you can even rotate it to illuminate the desired area.


Design matters when choosing outdoor lamps, but so does quality and safety.

Regardless of which of our outdoor lamps you choose, you can enjoy them for a long time. The quality is top-notch, both in terms of providing good lighting and the materials they are made of. All our outdoor lamps are made of aluminum, ensuring a robust design.


If you need more information about the individual lamps, their dimensions, technical specifications, etc., you can find datasheets and installation instructions for each product on the respective product page.